Bitsolid Reviews & VeChain Price Prediction Report 2018 2020

INTRODUCTION TO Review & VeChain Price Preidctions

Are you one among others who wish to make profit through investments. Investing in crypto currency market will always generate profit for you.But, the question is which platform to invest and how to invest?  So we started analysing the digital currency market and got a good one among the community called vechain price prediction.

BitSolid is an fast growing company in the crypto currency community that is truely an Online Cryptocurrency investment platform which is based in Swizz.
BitSolid is a multi-asset quantitive hedge fund actively investing through algorithmic based trading aided by artificial intelligence.This is an Crypto currency investment platform which is developed by a group of professionals who are expert in trading crypto currencies. Most of the crypto currency platform let you to invest with them and delivers you an sustainable profit amount throughout the term you chosen.

Few simple rules that you can follow before getting involved.

  • Never ever invest huge amount than you can afford to lose.
  • Plan well according to your financial goals.
  • Always make sure to keep the amount which you need for the short term.
  • keep regular checks on the Crypto market about the current scenario.
  • For more Future Value Forecasting –

Getting Started With VeChain:

Bitsolid is an user friendly platform for investing Bitcoin. Bitsolid uses Algorithmic Trading in cryptocurrencies which is aided by Artificial Intelligence.And it also provides many opportunity fro people who need to earn more profit to stabilise their financial needs. This platform delivers simple plans to invest your capital amount and also helps you to earn profit every hour. And the main interesting and most pleasing feature is that you can withdraw your initial investment at anytime after 48hours of making deposit. There are many platform that holds your capital for a long period and even some don’t give back your initial deposit.In this case Bitsolid differs from all and you can easily judge that this platform is surely not a Scam.

Main Features : 

  • Trading and Investing in Alt coins.
  • Monitor Your Investment Daily
  • Instant Withdrawal process.
  • Initial deposit return.
  • Automated Trading.
  • Get start with Minimum deposit of 0.003BTC
  • High profit percentage of 3.90% per Day.
  • Affiliate referral commission is 10%.
  • Direct referral commission.
  • Partner Commission of 15%.
  • All day payment platform.
  • Anytime Customer Support.

How to Join VeChain :

To join this platform is very simple and all you have to do is just go to the main page and you can find the Login and Register button. Just click the register button once and follow the instructions which is mainly your name, email address, VeChain address and little more. Once you entered your details click register. Your new account is ready to use and start depositing Bitcoins to the new account and get started.


How To Invest With Ve Chain :

You can start investing with this platform with an minimum deposit of 0.003 BTC and to the maximum of no limit. Once, you add deposit amount into your Bitsolid account, the deposits will be credited into your account only after 3 Bitcoin network confirmations.

Payment Methods :

To start investing with this platform you need to buy crypto coin. Bitsolid accepts only Bitcoin to join hands with.

How To Buy Bitcoins :

Once you decided to join with Bitsolid but do’t have Bitcoins with you ? Not to worry, there are many services for buying Bitcoins and we have listed some of the the most widely used ones.

Investment Plans : 

Bitsolid offers only one simple investment plan and  delivers different high  profit rates and you can get up to 3.90% as daily return.  Here we given a detailed view about the investment plan.

You can earn 3.90% Daily profit as return on your Investment.

  •  Min. investment: 0.003 BTC
  •  Min. withdrawal: 0.003 BTC
  • Deposit Term: 45 days
  • Total return: +137%*
  • Total effective return: +37%*
  • Real-time performance
  • Daily Withdrawals
  • 1.00% on weekends

You can also withdraw your initial payment amount instantly. It means you don’t need to wait for certain locking period.

Initial Deposit Return :

Still most of the HYIP programs hold your capital for certain period of time and also if you need it for an urgent cause you can’t get them back even in your harder situation. But with Bitsolid you can get your deposit amount back at ant time after 48 hours of deposit. Unlike many others It actually stands unique at this step. so you can instantly withdraw your funds anytime you need.

Security to your invested Funds :

One who deals with Crypto currency investment mainly thinks harder about the maximum risks and security to the funds deposited to the platform. In this case Bitsolid assures you the protection of your deposited amount by securely helding all your funds  under multi-signature on exchanges accounts and (cold) wallets. They also offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on the user accounts.

Affiliate Commission :

Once you register with this platform you will get your own referral link and once you ready to share with your friends and others, just start earning when they You can also earn some more extra profit through its referral program.

Actually there are three levels of commission rewarded to customers and each level has each commission percentage. Level1 allows 10% commission and level2 gives 3% and level3 gives 2% as referral commission. This referral program will help you earn referral commission of up to 10% from each deposit of your referrals on first level . Some other programs in the community will also provides you commission up to certain levels. But Bitsolid offers you an direct referral commission with no limits of referrals.

Partner Program 

You can also become partner with Bitsolid and can earn up to 15% and absolutely it is an good income. Bitsolid let you earn high income as affiliate commission of 15% as referral commission on the first level, 5% on the second level and 3% on the third level. To get the higher commission, all you  need to have is the ability to promote and generate clients to the fund in your region through various means.

Withdrawal Fees :

There is no hidden or extra service charge or any taxes implied while you withdraw any amount from your Bitsolid account. It actually don’t charge any fees to withdraw any amount. And you can withdraw your initial deposit anytime after 48hours of deposit time. It actually charges only 5% fee for your initial deposit withdrawal. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 0.001 BTC.

Is Bitsolid A Scam Or Not : 

When you enter this site you can find the current price for All Popular coins at the top. And those prices were updated everyday constantly.  This platform also shows how many days it has been online since it launched, and how many visitors online, total number of accounts and finally total Bitcoins deposited so far.

So you can get an clear idea once you reach this site and you can have some trust factor by seeing this information.

Similarly Bitsolid is an best place to generate profit from Crypto market.The main functionality of this platform is trading and investing in alternative coins to get an huge profit as return hinge on your investment.

Of course there is a risk factor involved in investing with crypto market especially with all High Yielding Investment Programs.

Company Information:

Bitsolid is an online crypto currency investment platform which started on 05th September 2017. And its official domain name is registered with NameCheap Inc on 05/o9/2017. This site will get expire on 05/09/2018. You don’t need to concern about the support quality of this program. Actually an team of support members work all day around the clock to help support customers.

Conclusion : 

Don’t let anyone say that Bitsolid is a scam model or an real scheme. This platform is safe to invest so far and you can try Bitsolid with an minimum investment first and then stay relax and find whether they are paying you or not. So far we digged into this site, we can find every information given was true and their investment plans are truly high yielding platforms. We Wish you success upon your Crypto Currency trading.